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3 common forms of workplace harassment

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2021 | Employment

Many people across the country spend a significant amount of time in the same workplace each day. In an ideal world, employment would be enjoyable all the time, but this is not typically the case. 

Many vocations come with their fair share of pressures, such as meeting tight deadlines or having to work longer hours during busy periods. However, situations like this are not out of the ordinary. Harassment in the workplace is a different matter. No employee should have to face working in an environment that is hostile. 

Unfortunately, HR teams and management are not always able to spot the signs of harassment, and they may even be involved at times. As a result, it is important to consider what harassment in the workplace may look like. Outlined below are three common forms of workplace harassment

Physical harassment

Physical harassment can take on many forms. Occasionally, it can be as blatant as intimidating physical behavior such as pushing and shoving. However, physical harassment can also be more subtle. It may amount to lewd gestures being made towards another person or offensive facial expressions. Common behaviors associated with physical harassment also include standing too close to a person or touching their clothing in a way that makes them uncomfortable. 

Verbal harassment

Verbal harassment may also present itself in a number of ways. Frequently, victimized employees are subjected to abusive and derogatory language. Occasionally, the verbal commentary may not even be uttered directly to the victim. For example, a person could make fun of a victim to a co-worker in the hope that they overhear the conversation.  

Visual harassment

Visual harassment can be difficult to detect because it often requires a subjective approach. Often, a visual display may not offend one person but could be extremely degrading to another. For example, “pin-up” style calendars might not bother some employees, but they could be highly offensive to others. 

Harassment in the workplace is a serious issue that nobody should have to face. If you feel that you have been a victim of workplace harassment and your employer has done nothing to help (or has made the situation worse), then there are legal options open to you