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Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Tilford Dobbins & Schmidt, PLLC is committed to resolving cases in an aggressive yet cost-effective manner. While our attorneys are strong litigators, we believe that litigation is not always the best choice for a client. When feasible, we encourage clients to explore methods of alternative dispute resolution. ADR is often more cost-effective, less acrimonious and results in more rapid resolution of matters than traditional litigation.

Skilled negotiators efficiently resolving client disputes.

Our attorneys are experienced, knowledgeable and trained to facilitate resolution from a neutral and objective perspective. We are qualified to represent clients in mediation of civil and family law cases in Kentucky and Indiana.

Courts are increasingly mandating the mediation of cases in order to relieve cramped dockets. In the event that you or your business have a need for a commercial, personal injury, domestic relations or other civil matter to be resolved outside of the litigation process, our attorneys can help.

Please direct questions about mediation or other such dispute resolution procedures to Sandra F. Keene, or Mark W. Dobbins.

Tilford Dobbins & Schmidt, PLLC serves businesses and individuals throughout the Louisville, Kentucky metropolitan area and surrounding counties, including southern Indiana.