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Divorce Attorneys Serving Louisville And Surrounding Communities

A divorce may involve everything you own, as well as your standard of living in the future. If you have children, it can affect your relationship with them both now and in the future. When the stakes are this high, good legal advice and representation is a must.

At the law firm of Tilford Dobbins & Schmidt, PLLC, in Louisville, our lawyers understand the dynamics of divorce and promise to do everything we can to protect your assets and your children. We are committed to offering emotional support, trust and confidence at a time you need it most.

We assist clients in all stages of divorce and separation proceedings. From the initial filing through complex asset division, you can rely on our decades of experience in family law matters. Here are examples of the legal services our lawyers provide:

  • Identification of marital vs. separate property
  • Marital property division in divorce
  • Valuation and division of businesses, professional practices, real estate and other assets
  • Division of retirement assets using a qualified domestic relations order
  • Protecting your interests with respect to whether one side should pay alimony or spousal maintenance to the other, the amount of these payments, and how long payments should continue
  • Negotiating a parenting plan that will determine where your children will live, how you and your ex will make important decisions, and how much time each parent will spend with children

Our lawyers also offer divorce-planning services so you will know what to expect and what you need to protect if you or your spouse files for divorce in the future.

For More Information About Your Rights In Divorce

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