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Construction Law

Tilford Dobbins & Schmidt PLLC in Louisville, Kentucky represents clients ranging from individual contractors and remodelers to well-established regional construction companies. We assist clients in the negotiation of construction contracts and subcontracts, and assist in the enforcement of contract rights through litigation and the filing of mechanic’s and materialman’s liens on private and public construction projects, and on commercial and residential real estate.

A Reputation For Success

The firm also represents construction industry clients in civil suits and administrative proceedings. Finally, as with many of our corporate and small business clients, we assist construction industry clients in dealing with personnel issues and defend workers’ compensation, OSHA, unemployment and wrongful termination claims brought by our clients’ employees and former employees.

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Tilford Dobbins & Schmidt, PLLC serves businesses and individuals throughout the Louisville, Kentucky metropolitan area and surrounding counties, including southern Indiana.

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