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5 signs you are a victim of discrimination in the workplace

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2021 | Employment

Discrimination in the workplace can be difficult to spot, but it is not impossible when you know the warning signs. Employment laws prohibit all forms of discrimination in the workplace. However, if you believe your employer is engaging in unlawful discriminatory practices, you need to be on the lookout for the following signs.

  1. Suspicious interview question

Discrimination in the workplace can start as early as during the recruitment process. At this stage, some of the discriminatory behaviors you may notice include inappropriate questions or comments based on your gender identity or expression, race or age.

  1. Belittling communication

In a discriminatory work environment, you may notice a demeaning tone when interacting with your co-workers and/or supervisors. If you are spoken to in a harsh or intimidating tone, or if offensive comments or jokes are made around you, this could be evidence of discrimination in the workplace.

  1. Unjust disciplinary action

An unfair disciplinary action or unfair criticism could be a sign of discrimination, especially if it is coming from your superiors. While it is possible the superior may be acting out of unintended bias, it could also be possible they are setting up the paper trail to support your dismissal.

  1. Unequal pay

Most employers discourage their employees from discussing their pay with co-workers. Fortunately, federal law protects your right to do this. Discussing your salary with your co-workers can help you identify if there is discrimination in the pay. If your co-worker in the same role and experience is earning more than you for the same work, this could be a sign of discrimination.

No one deserves to be discriminated against in the workplace. Unfortunately, workplace discrimination is still extremely common. Besides damaging the victim’s wellbeing and performance, discrimination also creates a negative workplace culture. Working with a skilled and experienced employment lawyer can help you figure out whether your employer or supervisor’s behavior constitutes discrimination and what you can do about it.