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How can you avoid a will contest?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2024 | Estate planning

When it comes to passing on assets to heirs, a well-constructed will is of the utmost importance. However, will contests can arise and complicate matters for everyone involved.

While you cannot always prevent conflict in your family, some steps can decrease the chance of issues.

Clearly articulate your intentions

Your will should clearly communicate your intentions. That is why you must use precise language to describe how you want your assets distributed. Vague wording can lead to numerous disagreements, so be specific and leave no room for interpretation.

Keep your will updated

Life is dynamic, and circumstances change. That is why you must review and update your will to reflect any changes, such as marriages, births or deaths. Staying current ensures that your will accurately reflects your wishes and minimizes the potential for disputes.

Choose a trusted executor

Selecting an executor for your will is another important estate planning decision. This individual will carry out your wishes, so you must choose someone trustworthy and competent. Also, communicate openly with your executor and provide them with clear instructions.

Be mindful of family dynamics

Understanding family dynamics can help you anticipate potential conflict. If you expect that certain family members may not be happy with your decisions, consider having conversations with them. Addressing concerns beforehand can mitigate the chances of a contested will.

Store your will safely

Finally, a lost or disputed will can lead to many complications. You can best avoid potential conflict by ensuring your will is in a secure location. Additionally, be sure to inform your loved ones of its whereabouts.

According to CNBC, 67% of Americans lacked an estate plan in 2022. Along with being proactive about estate planning, you must also make certain that your will is valid and legally binding.