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Child support enforcement in Kentucky

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2023 | family law

If you are currently working through the divorce process as a parent or recently ended your marriage, various legal issues involving your kids could cause you to lose sleep at night. From child custody to your child’s mental well-being, it is crucial to work through divorce issues that involve your kids carefully. Child support can also become a particularly stressful topic, and it is pivotal to review these matters closely, whether you plan on receiving support or making payments.

Aside from calculating child support and the possibility of modifying a child support order in the future, you should understand how the state enforces orders when parents do not stay current.

The penalties for missing child support payments

According to the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, non-custodial parents can face a number of enforcement actions if they do not stay current on child support. For example, a parent could lose his or her unemployment benefits, face a bank levy or have their tax refund intercepted. Passport denial and the revocation or denial of licenses can also occur.

In fact, failing to pay child support can lead to time behind bars.

Addressing child support challenges promptly

Whether you do not receive child support payments on time or you cannot stay current after losing your job, it is pivotal to deal with child support matters right away. Back child support can result in serious consequences, and you should explore your options if you are a custodial parent seeking enforcement or a non-custodial parent worried about penalties.