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How virtual visitation can make co-parenting easier

On Behalf of | May 11, 2023 | divorce

If you are ending your romantic relationship with your child’s other parent and you plan to co-parent, it’s time to start thinking about how you can make your new arrangements work for everyone. While your first priority should be facilitating your child’s best interests, it is undeniably difficult to do so if you and your child’s other parent can’t manage your situation with relative ease. 

As a result, it is important to construct an approach that benefits your child and is fairly workable for you and their other parent. One of the resources that you can potentially utilize to make this situation more manageable for everyone is a virtual visitation schedule. 

Making virtual visitation work for everyone

Virtual visitation refers to the right of one or both co-parents to communicate with their child while the child is residing in their “other” home. Most of the time, virtual visitation expectations are set up so that each parent has the right to communicate with their child when they aren’t residing under the same roof. 

If you choose to make virtual visitation part of your parenting plan, your child’s bonds with each of their parents can be strengthened and co-parenting itself can become easier. How? When your child is regularly communicating with their other parent, that parent is going to be less likely to pick fights and provoke tensions because they are feeling left out. 

When their bonds with their child are strong and regularly nurtured, your co-parent should have fewer reasons to insist that they need more from the arrangement as it stands.  With that said, every family’s situation is different and there is no harm in seeking legal guidance at any time to better understand how you can make virtual visitation work for your family’s circumstances uniquely.