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How to protect yourself when preparing for a late-in-life marriage

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2022 | family law

Maybe you never met someone who made you feel excited enough to put your career on the back burner while you were younger, or perhaps you married very young and lost your spouse or divorced. Now you have finally met someone you would like to share your life with again.

There are countless personal reasons why someone may find themselves contemplating marriage later in life. Finding a partner to enjoy your golden years with is a wonderful feeling, but you should not have to sacrifice your personal stability or the legacy you hope to leave for your children for a marriage.

You can protect yourself and the resources you have spent a lifetime accruing by negotiating a prenuptial agreement before your marriage.

A prenuptial agreement will benefit you both

A valid prenuptial agreement will include protections for and concessions from each spouse. It should balance both of their needs and clarify what will happen with their property if they eventually divorce. You could protect the business that you have spent the last three decades developing or your home, which you want your children to inherit when you die.

A prenuptial agreement will allow you to clarify those property and financial matters with your fiance while also laying the groundwork for a smoother divorce if your marriage doesn’t last. In fact, while the discussions regarding your personal property and expectations for the marriage can be a little bit awkward or uncomfortable, they can actually increase your chances of having a successful marital relationship.

When both of you go into the marriage with the same set of expectations, there will be less likelihood of disagreements and disappointments later.

The best documents are unique to your situation

As with any other form of legal protection, prenuptial agreements are the most valuable and effective when they accurately reflect your personal circumstances. Rather than just downloading a form from the internet and trying to fill it out yourself, it will typically be a better approach for each of you to have your own attorneys and to create custom documents that specifically address your needs.

Negotiating a prenuptial agreement can be a way for you to start your marriage off on the right foot.