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3 people that will benefit from a low conflict divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2022 | divorce

Understandably, many divorcing couples end up in a bitter conflict. Sometimes they did things that caused grave harm to each other during the marriage. Other times the conflict arises because of how much is at stake during the divorce. Yet what many couples fail to realize is how much their fighting costs themselves and others.

Here are three groups of people that will benefit if you can minimize the conflict in your divorce:

Your children

No child wants to see their parents fighting. They rely on them for stability in their lives, and the mere process of change will cause enough destabilization without adding to it by having the kids witness constant battles.

Your friends and family

When a couple divorces, it can become incredibly uncomfortable for those closest to them. Over the course of your relationship, your friends and family have probably become close to your spouse and your spouse’s cohorts to you. 

The more you can keep things amicable, the less you put those people in difficult positions. They do not want to choose sides or to listen to you talking bad about each other. Above all, they do not want to see two people they are fond of hurting each other. 


You and your spouse are at the center of this. Barbed comments or underhand tactics can cause lasting distress that will mean it takes even longer to recover from the inevitable trauma divorce causes and move forward with your new lives.

There are many ways to handle a divorce. Consider finding out more about how to do so with the minimum of distress to you and those close to you.