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3 reasons people seek divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2022 | divorce

Often the dynamic of a relationship will change after marriage. While some people may thrive in marriage, others may no longer find their spouse compatible. When this happens, people may look at divorce to solve their problems. 

But what changes in a marriage push people to seek divorce? Here’s what you should know.

1. One-sided relationships

Marriage is often a balancing act. That may mean cutting back on work to spend time together, taking vacations, knowing when to ask the other for help or saving for the future. But when a relationship lacks stability, it may be because one spouse isn’t considering the other spouse’s feelings – which can push a spouse to reconsider their marriage.

2. Financial, emotional and physical abuse

Each type of abuse can cause a spouse to become frustrated and look to remove themselves from the trauma.

Financial abuse may involve a spouse taking advantage of the other spouse’s money: overspending, hiding or controlling their finances. 

Emotional abuse may involve belittling, gaslighting or insulting a spouse. A spouse may even want to emotionally control the other out of fear or paranoia. 

Physical abuse may involve hitting, burning or strangulation. Physical abuse could also involve forcing a substance on someone. 

3. Marriage at a young age

Some traditions and situations might cause someone to marry at a young age. When people get older, they may realize they lost their sense of self because they were married so early. Spouses may seek divorce to create a sense of individual freedom from choices that were made for them or choices that were made at a young age.

If you believe the best thing for you is divorce, then you may need to seek legal help that can provide you with the options you need for a new life.