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Avoiding challenges when you serve as the executor of an estate

On Behalf of | May 13, 2022 | Estate planning

Estate administration is largely a technical process. The person handling the estate needs to file specific paperwork with the courts and send formal notice to entities with an interest in the estate. They must be certain to uphold both state law and the instructions left behind by the testator.

Sometimes, estate administration becomes infinitely more challenging and complex because a family member of the deceased or a beneficiary of the estate brings a challenge against the executor. How can you reduce the likelihood of facing a challenge when you serve as the executor or personal representative of a Kentucky estate?

Review and comply with estate documents and legal code

One of the most important ways to protect yourself from accusations of misconduct or removal from your role as executor involves ensuring that you follow the estate plan. When you have an attorney review the estate plan to ensure that you comply with it and you learn about Kentucky probate laws, you can avoid the mistakes that some people accidentally commit during probate. 

Keep records of everything you do

You could give your sister your mother’s vintage diamond engagement ring early in estate administration, only to later have your sister claim she never received that valuable piece of jewelry and that you defrauded her or the estate by withholding a valuable part of her inheritance.

Executors can protect themselves by keeping detailed records of every distribution of estate resources, including transfers of properties to specific family members. Even if someone challenges you, you may be able to defend yourself through the actions you take in probate court.

Getting the right support when you will serve as the executor of an estate helps you avoid frustrating and expensive complications.