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What does workplace age discrimination look like?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2022 | age discrimination

The workplace is intended to be an environment where every hardworking employee – regardless of age – can have an equal opportunity to succeed.

It can be frustrating when workers dedicate many years to a profession, yet continue to get overlooked for promotions or projects.

Some employees may simply brush off these instances and justify their employer’s decision; perhaps blaming themselves for lacking certain qualities or some other reason.

But this could be age discrimination.  There are certain actions that can insinuate that this is occurring.

Subtle workplace age discrimination practices

Age discrimination in the workplace is often difficult to detect. Given the law that protect certain individuals at work, no employer is going to tell a worker they are being passed up for a position because of their age.

However, there are subtle or indirect signs that can and do point to such discriminatory behavior.

  • Awarding a promotion to a younger worker with fewer qualifications
  • Denying reasonable requests
  • Terminating positions employed by older workers
  • Recruiting a majority of younger individuals for newly posted positions

If you suspect that this has occurred in your workplace, don’t sit by. You have rights. First, document instances as they have pertained to your situation. Then reach out to an employment law attorney who can offer advice on the law and whether you may have a claim.