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Stay organized with the right coparenting tools

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2021 | divorce

Many coparents have their own relationship issues that they have to handle on top of caring for their children. Since parents have a history, they may get into arguments or not agree with how the other parent is handling issues with their children.

Every family is unique, and it’s important that you and the other parent can have discussions about your children and how you would like to raise them without those discussions becoming heated. A good parenting plan helps, but what happens if you simply cannot communicate well?

Coparenting apps are one option for frustrated parents

One option you have as a coparent is to go to the court and ask if you could have a coparenting app be the required place for communication. The nice thing about this is that these apps store all communications, parenting schedules, updates and changes in one place. They can also be court-monitored in some circumstances.

Why go the route of an app when you can talk on the phone or in person? Apps are handy because they’re on your phone and will auto-update for both parents when changes are made.

For example, if your schedule says you’ll have your child on Saturday but the other parent agrees to switch custody dates due to a work conflict, you could change the schedule in the app, list a reason for the change and have it updated where both of you can see it. The benefit of this is that the other parent can’t claim they didn’t know about the change, and you have all the communication about the change in one easy-to-locate place.

Similarly, if you have problems with the other parent being aggressive or rude, requiring communication through the app will track their behavior.

Co-parenting gets easier with time, but good support makes a difference now

Over time, you may find it easier to communicate with your ex-spouse as long as you both are committed to being respectful and focusing on your children’s needs.  Until then, a co-parenting app could help you both stay on track and be organized when it comes to your parenting plans, what’s expected of you and any changes that arise in your day-to-day life.