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3 common errors people make when estate planning

| Oct 19, 2021 | Estate planning

Frequently, people put off thinking about what will happen in the event of their death. Considering what may happen in the future can be worrisome. However, not thinking about how your estate will be managed could create further problems. 

Having a solid estate plan in place can offer stability to both you and your loved ones, but some common errors are worth looking out for. 

Having no estate plan 

Often, people put off planning for the future unless the worry becomes too much for their loved ones. However, having no estate plan in place could cause greater stress in the long run. Frequently, those who have significant assets but no estate plan leave their loved ones to go through lengthy probate proceedings. 

Not updating your estate plan 

Financial, business and personal circumstances can change drastically within a short time. As a result, it can be beneficial to have an estate plan that is up to date and meets both your needs and those of your loved ones. 

Failing to consider digital assets 

As time moves on, people are relying more on the digital realm. Banking, personal documentation and communications are increasingly overseen purely on a digital basis. Additionally, collectibles such as art and photography are frequently held in online spaces. As a result, it is important to ensure that those designated to carry out your wishes have access to all of the relevant assets and information. 

Planning for the future may be daunting, but ensuring that your affairs are appropriately managed has many positive aspects. It can be helpful for you to learn about the different aspects of estate planning to ensure your final wishes can be carried out when the time comes for that to happen.