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4 financial mistakes to avoid in a divorce

On Behalf of | May 5, 2021 | divorce

When you divorce, you need to divide your marital property. Achieving a fair settlement is crucial to ease things post-marriage.

It can be easy to overlook things during the confusion of divorce, or rush the process because all you want to do is escape your marriage. Yet doing so could leave you at a severe financial disadvantage in the future.

Take time to understand your finances in a divorce

Your attorney can help you understand the finer details of how property division works in a divorce. Yet a bit of financial awareness can help you enormously. Here are some mistakes to watch out for when divorcing:


  1. Not being aware of all your assets: If you do not stay informed about your finances, your spouse may take advantage. There are many ways to hide assets and avoid having to split them with you in a divorce.
  2. Forgetting about your debts: Remember that you need to split marital debt as well as marital assets.
  3. Underestimating your future needs: Life becomes more costly when you have no one to contribute toward the bills. If you have your children most of the time, you need to factor in child care costs so you can work. Take time to work out a realistic budget.
  4. Underestimating the future value of assets: When splitting assets, you need to consider what they will be worth in the future. You might not like the family home and be happy to let your spouse keep it. Yet, if a major employer sets up in the town, the property’s value could rise, making it worth much more in a few years than it is now. It could leave you feeling aggrieved.

When you divide assets in a divorce, you need to stand your ground until you get a fair settlement. If you do not, life after divorce could be much harder than it needs be.