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How can an EMT arrange child custody?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | divorce

As an emergency medical technician, you have a unique job. You spend your time helping people and working with people who may be dealing with serious health issues.

As a parent, being an EMT isn’t always easy. If you’re on-call, you may have to leave your home suddenly with little notice. That makes it harder to arrange custody, especially if you don’t live near the other parent.

When you work in a job that requires you to have on-call hours, it’s important that you have flexibility in your custody schedule or are able to set up backup support if you do get called in. For example, you may have a safe place to drop off your child on the way to work, such as at a parent’s home or a babysitter’s house, or you may have an arrangement with your ex-spouse to take your child back to them if you have to leave suddenly.

Some EMTs and others who have this kind of on-call scheduling take custody only on days when they won’t be working. For example, if you work Monday through Thursday and have on-call hours, it may be better to have custody on the weekend. That way, there isn’t a risk of having to leave suddenly or rush to find someone to watch your child.

Doing a job like yours means you have a lot of responsibility, but that doesn’t mean you want to miss out on time with your child. Your attorney can talk to you about unique scheduling options that you might want to consider that they’ve seen work for others like yourself in the past.