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New distillery to come to Bullitt County in Spring 2021

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2020 | commercial real estate

Commercial real estate investing can be a great way to make money. That’s why people continue to expand into the commercial market in Kentucky. One of the biggest industries is the bourbon industry, and Bullitt County is now expecting a new distillery.

According to an announcement at the end of August, the distilling and tourism project is going to take up around 55 acres and will start breaking ground in spring. A developer, who is out of Louisville, will be joining many other big bourbon names in the state.

Clermont Distilling Company is planning to build lodging, a new distillery and tourist attractions near Interstate 65, close to the Bullitt County Fairgrounds.

The company’s land is split, with KY 245 in the middle. Around 15 acres will be dedicated to distillery operations, while the rest is earmarked for tourist attractions, events areas and other venue-appropriate features.

The developer and founder of the new distilling company said that he has always wanted to have a company in this area of Interstate 65. The goal is to have a 36-inch continuous still and to produce up to 50,000 barrels of bourbon each year. The company will create 22 new full-time jobs, too.

This is great news for an area that planned to make the I-65 a scenic highway. It’s also a great way to use a commercial property to grow income and a community.

If you want to purchase real estate or start a commercial business, it’s important to know that it can take time. An experienced attorney can help you avoid pitfalls that can bring legal and/or financial issues.