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3 reasons that a divorce trial might be right for your case

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2020 | divorce

Dealing with disputes during divorce can be difficult. Even if you’ve tired to negotiate and are doing your best to be reasonable, the other party may not be.

Do you know when it’s time to go to trial rather than trying mediation or other processes? Here are some helpful hints to let you know that a trial might be the right solution.

1. Your spouse refuses to commit to negotiating, mediation, arbitration or other dispute resolution options

First, if your spouse won’t commit to negotiating with you, that’s a problem. There are multiple ways to do so, but if they won’t even attempt to communicate, you may want to keep evidence of everything you’ve tried and then take that to court. If you do end up in trial, you want to show that you’ve been reasonable.

2. Your spouse is causing arguments, disputes and becoming disrespectful

When your spouse is disrespectful, violent or otherwise aggressive toward you, it may be time to collect evidence of that behavior and take your case to court. A judge is unlikely to appreciate those negative behaviors, so keep evidence to help you get what you want in trial.

3. You need a resolution that is firm and final

Finally, if you want someone to make a decision that finalized the divorce quickly, a judge can do that. You will lose any control you might have had outside court, but if you can’t negotiate with your spouse, you may not have had many other options anyway.

These are three red flags that you may need to go to trial for your divorce. If you do, your attorney will talk to you about what happens next.