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Important points about leaving an abusive marriage

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2020 | divorce

Living in an abusive marriage is a horrible situation for anyone. Unfortunately, people go through it all the time. Getting to a safe place is a priority because your safety is in jeopardy. It can be a challenge to walk away from an abusive marriage, not only because you need to plan for the future, but also because it can be dangerous.

One thing that may stop you from leaving the marriage is a fear of the unknown. Your spouse may make the bulk of the money or control the finances, which can make it difficult to walk away. There are programs that you may find beneficial if you’re leaving an abusive home.

It’s easy to become so fixated on the good times that you completely overlook the abuse, but it’s likely going to get worse as time progresses. There is very little chance that the abuse will stop. Your partner may even work to convince you that you deserve the abuse or that you’ll never find a better situation. Don’t believe those lies.

For some people who leave an abusive marriage, seeking a court order to help them remain safe is a priority. This can order that your ex refrain from contacting you and can set a specific distance that they must stay away from you. They can be arrested if they then break the order.

Leaving an abusive marriage won’t be easy because you still have to legally end the union, but you do have options available to help you get away. Some individuals are able to remain in the home while they save money and gather important documents, but this isn’t an option if you fear for your life.