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Address emotional reactions to the end of your marriage

On Behalf of | May 13, 2020 | divorce

The emotions that come with a divorce can be strong. In some cases, they are unexpected. The fact is that the relationship you thought would last forever is ending, and you are probably going to grieve that loss. You’ll likely go through this even if you’re the one who pushes for the divorce.

Being able to get your emotions under control may help you to address the practical matters of the split in a more logical manner. One thing for you to remember during this time is that you may go through an emotional roller coaster. You might bounce from elated that you’re almost done with the situation to depressed that you’re facing life as a single person. This is normal.

As different emotions come up, address them. Don’t try to suppress them because you may find that they fester and become much worse. If you can, try to work through at least the grief before you start thinking about the legal aspects of the divorce.

The ultimate goal of your divorce is for you to end the marriage that isn’t working. There might be times that you’re tempted to try to work things out, but remember that the relationship might not ever return to the loving one you had when you first married. Once divorce is on the table, most people find that following through with it is the best course of action.

During the legal proceedings, you must ensure that you’re protecting your interests. This is more likely if you have a clear head, so you can think about things from a logical standpoint instead of making decisions based on your emotional reaction to the decisions that come up.