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Prepare for the changes that divorce brings

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2020 | divorce

The loss of life as you know it is a common worry for people who are divorcing. Dealing with these worries can be rather difficult, so you need to do what you can to prepare for them. The emotions you experience might be intense, and they may come on suddenly. You may not think that you will feel these sudden surges of self-doubt and sadness if you wanted the divorce, but you still may.

During the first year of being single, you will have to deal with the first holiday season or birthday. In the past, you probably celebrated these with your now-ex, so think about what you’re going to do now that you’re by yourself. Spending time with loved ones on these special days might help you maintain your equilibrium.

One thing that can complicate this is that you might not have your children with you on those days. The parenting time schedule may require your kids to spend time with your ex on some special days. Planning something to celebrate when they are with you might ease the pain of not having them there on the holiday itself.

You may also feel down sometimes because you feel like you lost your best friend. When you were married, you had someone at home with whom to share your struggles and triumphs. Finding a trusted friend to talk to on a regular basis after your marriage ends might help you in this area.

Finally, you might realize that some traditions aren’t going to continue. But you can always start new ones. Just make sure that you’re doing what you think is best for you and your children after the divorce.