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Divorce conversations can be difficult for both parties

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | divorce

Living in an unhappy marriage is emotionally draining. Once you’ve had enough, you may decide that you need to end the marriage. How you share this news with your spouse can have a direct impact on how the divorce goes. It can be rather challenging to keep things calm during this discussion, but doing so can be beneficial.

Your spouse may realize where the marriage is heading. This can make the talk much easier; however, hearing the actual words being said might invoke a harsh reaction. Being prepared for any type of reaction might help you cope with whatever comes. No matter how your ex reacts, keep a level head.

As you’re speaking to your ex, try not to place the blame on them for the divorce. Even if their actions were the final ones that made you file, avoiding actually telling them the things that they did wrong in your eyes can keep thing a bit calmer.

You don’t have to discuss all the terms of the divorce right away. There will be chances down the road to cover things like property division and even child custody. The first discussion is a time to talk about things like who will live where and similar matters.

There is a chance that no decisions will be made in the initial meeting. This is normal, so you should have a plan for what you’re going to do. You may end up just moving a guest room until other arrangements can be made, or you might have a place of your own already in place before you start this conversation.