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Litigation forces Kentucky health network to reevaluate plans

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2019 | business litigation

Litigation may not be the first thought of every business owner when one wakes up in the morning, but it can have a great effect on business’ strategy and operations. Issues of liability must be sidestepped or managed so the risk of landing in court is reduced. Court cases can be expensive and time-consuming even when a business or its manages have done nothing wrong.

The expansion of a healthcare network in Kentucky has changed direction due to litigation in recent months. Construction of a planned new unit to serve a new community was quashed in court after another healthcare network brought litagation against the company, which is now in the Kentucky Court of Appeals.

The courts ruled in favor of the healthcare network opposing the construction, effectively forcing the company to halt construction. Now, instead, they will refocus on offering services with the facilities they already have, at least until the case’s progress through the courts is done.

Large businesses often have more leeway in creating their futures despite litigation by rivals or clients. Small- and medium-sized businesses may only be one or two lawsuits away from reorganization or shutting down, while bigger companies can often withstand far more legal issues. This is why having adequate legal representation is so vital.

Litigation in the business world should generally be handled by attorneys who can defend their clients’ interests so business can keep running. Any Kentucky business, whether currently dealing with litigation or not, should consider the merits of retaining legal counsel. No business should have to go to court alone.