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Integrative mediation can help come to terms for divorces

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2019 | divorce

When you are going through a divorce, you might opt to go through mediation to come to the agreement about the terms with your ex. While traditional mediation uses only a mediator during the proceedings, a newer form of meditation is becoming more common.

Integrative mediation utilizes more than one divorce professional to attempt to come up with the terms. This can include the mediator or a lawyer, a mental health professional and a financial expert. By having them all come together for the sessions, you might find that things go smoother than what they would if each person handled their part of the case alone.

This model of mediation is highly flexible. You can set things up based on your unique situation. For example, you might be able to have the financial expert come in only for the sessions that have to do with a family business or the division of assets. That person wouldn’t need to show up for the child custody matters, but the mental health professional might be beneficial during that part.

The goal of integrative mediation is to help ensure that there are as many win-win situations in the divorce as possible. People who want to battle with their ex for everything might find that this option doesn’t work because the entire team has to work together to come up with the terms of the divorce. If you are interested in mediation for your divorce, you need to learn your options and responsibilities so that you can ensure you are prepared for the entire process.