A History Of Growing Trust In Kentucky

Kentucky is now the easiest state for shared parenting

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2019 | divorce

Divorce is never an easy decision to make, especially when people still feel some sort of attachment to their spouses. And it is not an easy process, often taking more legal involvement than a marriage in the first place.

This can be even more difficult when couples have children. Boys and girls who are still minors at the time of a divorce find themselves in a difficult situation, in which parents may be pitted against each other for affection. No one wants to be part of a fight between loved ones.

Fortunately, Kentucky is a relatively easy place for child custody and shared parenting to be worked out. In fact, the Bluegrass State got the highest possible grade on a nationwide study of environments for shared parenting options.

One of the reasons for this top score is recent laws that help courts guide divorced parents into shared parenting arrangements. Kentucky law now presumes that, unless abuse or violence is a factor, shared parenting is the best option for children’s well-being and development.

These new laws have risen Kentucky from one of the lowest scores four years ago to the highest in the country today. Divorcing parents will have this advantage in the years to come.

Whether or not a parent feels like the path to a child custody arrangement is going to be easy or hard, an attorney can help by representing a parent’s interests while working out the specifics in court or mediation. No one should have to go through this difficult part of life without the proper help.