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Yes, modifying your custody or visitation order is possible

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2018 | divorce

After a court hands down a custody order, one or both parents may find that the plan simply is not compatible with their lives or the needs of their child. In some cases, one parent may feel quite satisfied with the order, while the other parent feels that the terms of the order are grossly unfair or does not allow for the flexibility that they need to remain working and keep other affairs in order.

While the details of each parent’s struggles vary from case to case, courts recognize that many custody orders are not a good fit for parents, often because one or both parents experience significant life changes. If you have a custody order that deprives you of your parental rights or simply does not account for your needs, it is wise to consider a modification.

It is important to understand that courts do not approve modifications simply because a parent requests one. You must make a strong case that the modification is necessary for you as a parent or would benefit your child significantly. Courts do not tend to approve modifications to orders that are simply inconvenient. Instead, they require the party requesting the change to clearly lay out why the modification is actually needed.

If you have questions about modifying your own order, you should carefully examine your legal options. With a strong legal strategy and proper counsel, you may develop a strategy that keeps your rights secure while ensuring that your child has the best quality of life that you can offer. Don’t hesitate to see what steps you can take to alter your custody order and align it more closely with your needs and the needs of your child.